J. Aaron Boykin - Tenor


Abbey Janes - Soprano


Derrick L. Hicks - Tenor


Edward Chung - Vocal Percussion


Tomas Cruz - Alto/Tenor


David Lane - Bass

"Watch the video to see an amazeballs a cappella version of Michael Jackson’s Rock With You by Duwende."

- Perez Hilton 


- Jermaine Dupri

"[Duwende gets] the ultimate musical compliment... an honor generally reserved for the likes of Basement Jaxx or Bjork."

- The Boston Globe


Duwende (Doo-WEN-day)  is a six-person a cappella band best known for their fiercely original, bass-and-beatbox-driven funk/pop style of music. In 2011, Duwende released “Remember: The Music of Michael Jackson,” gaining them widespread acclaim, and leading them to performances for the United Nations, Save The Children Benefit dinner hosted by Hoda and Kathie Lee, Bill Clinton Global Initiative, the Java Jazz Festival in Jakarta, and a World AIDS Day Event in Amsterdam. With over 4 million YouTube views and counting, they have a growing fan base that circles the globe; and their music and arrangements have been used on TV shows internationally. 

Duwende consists of J. Aaron Boykin (Baritone/Tenor), Derrick L. Hicks (Tenor), Abbey Janes (Soprano), Tomas Cruz (Tenor), Edward Chung (Vocal Percussion), and David Lane (Bass). Each member adds their own characteristics and talent to the group, giving them the “a cappella” credibility along with the “band” persona. Duwende is the perfect band to get you dancing, as The Contemporary A Cappella Society states, “These guys (and gal) know how to make music, and they know how to make their audiences get up on their feet and move. If you’re looking for a true a cappella original, you don’t have to look any further than Duwende.” 

Duwende’s music has made avid fans of tastemakers Jermaine Dupri and Perez Hilton and earned them multiple Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards for Best Pop/Rock Album and Best Pop/Rock Original Song.

Most recently, they were featured performers on NBC’s The Winner Is, with Nick Lachey as host, and were featured presenters for TED TALK x for Johnson & Johnson.


J. Aaron Boykin 

  • South Jersey, born and raised
  • Former member of Rutgers University a cappella groups Casual Harmony and The OrphanSporks
  • Loves any and everything purple
  • Philadelphia sports and proud Philadelphia Eagles fan
  • Huge gadget-head
  • Slight obsession with choir music
  • Gets goosebumps from touching styrofoam
  • Mild germaphobe
  • Hates mean people
  • Wants you to follow him on twitter (@hollatchaboykin)

Abbey Janes

  • From Houston, TX
  • Has an unnatural affinity for cheese
  • Has a toy poodle
  • First car was a stick shift
  • Played 3rd trombone in her college orchestra
  • First concert was the MJ “Bad” tour with her mom, one of her sisters, and best friend
  • Loves organizing and event planning
  • Huge fan of The Container Store, Michaels, and Target
  • Remains undefeated in MarioKart
  • Has never had a Texas accent, though her entire family does

Derrick L. Hicks

  • Originally from Brooklyn, NY
  • Started singing in 2007
  • Former member of Rutgers University A Cappella groups Casual Harmony & The OrphanSporks
  • Loves Air Jordans…LOVES!
  • Can, easily, spend his entire day on YouTube
  • Schedules daily naptime
  • Has one of the greatest R&B collections of all time
  • Rarely watches movies
  • Gets “fired” from Duwende on a regular basis
  • Wants you to follow him on twitter (@Mr_DLH)

Edward Chung

  • First started beatboxing at age 12, stopped until age 20, and has been doing it ever since
  • Obsessed with all touch screen devices
  • Has driven cross country twice
  • Can drive 11 hours straight before getting tired
  • Is a fan of Wes Anderson films
  • Knows every word of “Eddie Murphy: Delirious”
  • Watches Sportscenter at least once daily
  • Loves coffee
  • Has a weakness for french fries
  • Thinks that the teletubbies = terrifying

Tomas Cruz

  • From the rolling hills of Vallejo, California (but, really, from Canada (not actually though))
  • Loves grapefruit
  • Studied jazz voice at New England Conservatory in Boston, MA
  • Would often impersonate the Beatles as a kid with his siblings (was usually Paul)
  • Gets stage fright every time he performs
  • Can cook decent
  • Wishes he could yodel, and tries from time to time
  • May never be able to grow a full beard
  • Favorite film may or may not be The Sound of Music
  • Joined Duwende in late 2013

David Lane

  • Born and raised in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
  • Has an undergrad in Jazz voice with piano as a secondary instrument
  • Will defeat Abbey in MarioKart
  • Has 5 older siblings
  • Had dreadlocks for 2 years
  • Attended the School for Music Vocations in Creston, IA
  • Wants to introduce Poutine to as many Non-Canadians as possible
  • Wants to introduce Chipotle to as many Canadians as possible
  • Sang in a Barbershop Quartet in high school
  • More-often-than-not, he is making a noise of some sort (and, with utmost respect, blames it on Bobby McFerrin)